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Squaring or Profiling Wire for marble

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Squaring or Profiling Wire for marble

      1. Smooth cutting & more precise;
      2. Low power consume and less raw material waste;
      3. Low noise and less pollution;
      4. Easy manipulation and with low cost.

Other specifications are available upon customer's requirements.


1.  The rotation of the wire should be regularly checked.

2.  The worn condition of beads should be regularly inspected.

3.  The worn condition of connections & the beads near connections should be regularly checked. Change connections when it needs.

4. The cable tension is set in 250-300kg (Φ4-5mm cable).

5. During the sharpening of a new wire, the liner speed should be reduced 2-3 m/s from the above standard.

6. Water requirement is between 15-25L/min.

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