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Diamond Segment for Quarry Saw Double-blades

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Diamond Segment for Quarry Saw Double-blades

It is suitable for granite, marble basalt, slate, sandstone quarrying.   

Good Sharpness: speedy cutting, low current of the machine, mining blocks are square with good flat surface

Long Life: Reducing the times of blanks re-welding, maximizing the lifespan of steelblanks, achieving high cutting linear meters and eventually saving the mining cost for the quarry owners.

Product Specification

There are 4 main Double-blades-Combinations: D2200/D3300, D2200/D3600, D2400/D3300, D2400/D3600. Detail as follows:

There are 3 main Triple -Blade-Combinations: D2600/D3600/D4200,D2600/D3800/D4600, D2600/D3800/D4800. Detail as follows:

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